Introducing TremulaJS

Content Streams + Momentum Engine + Bézier Paths + Multi-Device

TremulaJS is a client-side javascript UI component enabling responsive, Bézier-based content-stream interactions with kinetic scrolling & physics effects for trackpad, pointer and touch UIs.

Put another way, TremulaJS can be thought of as an extremely bad-ass image slider.

While there are some monumental physics-based JS animation frameworks out there — most notably,, gsap and velocity.js — TremulaJS was built with a very specific end in mind: to enable the kind of long-running, low-friction user interactions one might enjoy when navigating large sets of visual data.

See TremulaJS in the wild: currently in production on

TremulaJS is compatible with all recent versions of iOS Safari, Chrome, OS X Safari, FF, IE.

TremulaJS was developed by Garris Shipon at Labs.

Licensed under GPLv3

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