BackstopJS release 0.7.0: Test your CSS on a CLI!

Announcing BackstopJS release 0.7.0 with a speedy new command line reporting option. Now you can test your CSS layouts even faster with an all-text inline report in the terminal window of your choice.

The new reporting option is configurable: you can select the detailed browser-based GUI report, the simple text-based CLI report, or both depending on your needs.


Also in this release: an enhancement for smarter handling of missing or hidden DOM selectors – a nice addition for really complex responsive web-apps.

Many thanks to Klaus Bayrhammer for his effort in this release — also thanks to Benedikt Rötsch for his help with the roadmap.

Thinking of contributing to developer happiness? Check the issues section for a list of feature ideas. Help build one or suggest your own!

BackstopJS 0.6.2: The HTML5 update – with added support for flexbox and web fonts!

Responsive CSS regression testing just got slimed!

Backstop now has built-in support for the CasperJS/SlimerJS rendering stack. This means your tests will render in Gecko instead of the default PhantomJS/Webkit library (which still has HTML5 bugs).

If want more accurate tests for your flexbox or web font CSS this update is for you! (If this isn’t for you, please excuse the interruption, you may return to watching your cat video.)

Bower & NPM Install and upgrade info here!

Now go break stuff!

BackstopJS 0.6.0: Now plays nice with source control!

Announcing BackstopJS 0.6.0 Beta available now on GitHub!

Some great news for BackstopJS users – Screenshot paths are now configurable!

This update enables two highly requested use-cases…

1) BackstopJS now plays nice with source control
Pointing your reference file paths to a location that GIT or SVN can pick it up means that reference data generated across branches will always stay in sync.

2) Easy upgrading
Now, blowing away your node_modules or bower_components directories won’t trash your test data.

This is a beta release so, as always, please direct questions, comments or issues here.

Thanks to all the contributors for their support!

Be groovy.